“Pineapple” by Iván Pérez (choreography) – Benjamin Scheuer (music)

In “Pineapple” Benjamin Scheuer and Iván Pérez reflect on the relationship between dance and music in the choreographic process taking analysis and exploration of structure, texture and rhythm as starting points. The musical score, divided in five sections, seems to set a structure for the piece. The dramaturgy of the choreography, however, will be defined by Pérez when the real encounter in the studio with the dancers happens and finalized with the action of the musicians on stage. Questions on power and hierarchies arise from the dialogue between music and choreography, sometimes the music atmosphere will be respected and other times will be confronted or shut off. Sensitivity towards the interdisciplinary exchange will be explored in this collaboration between music and choreography looking for situations where both meet. An interaction of disciplines allowing new possibilities and different perspectives on shared ideas.