Salim Ben Mammar

Salim Ben Mammar was born in Algeria in1988. He is  studying the B.A. program at the Centre for Contemporary Dance at the University of Music and Dance Cologne. Before he became a student he did an apprenticeship as an „Environmental Technician“. Between 2005 and 2007 Salim spent several weeks every year in Paris to take „L’art du deplacement“ (Parcour) classes with William Belle (one of the founders of„Yamakasi“ and „L´art du deplacement“). He worked as a „L´art du deplacement“ teacher and  participated in youth danceprojects at Theater Freiburg. At the Centre for Contemporary Dance he danced in choreographies by Anouk van Dijk and Club Guy and Roni and took part in the site specific production „Afropolis“. He worked with Willi Dorner for ”bodies in urban spaces” in Heilbronn and on urban movement exploration “stadt.macht” with „somebody kollektiv“. Salim has also choreographed his own work „Out of Order“ which was performed in Cologne and Freiburg and a solo work „simply active“.