To document, reflect and share the experience with crossover 55/2 – internationally mixed, part of the project was to assemble a publication. This publication might be of interest to students and artist working in learning settings, to cultural institutions and those who write about education and art. More so, this publication is also part of a more general discussion of how to interlace theory and practice as it was provided by the project. The book design and print has been a subcontracting activity.

As part of the theoretical framing, students were asked to create individual artistic or written responses to the three rehearsal periods. As sketches, texts, scores, interviews or photographs these responses find creative ways of documenting the perspectives of the participating students.

The book gathers some of the responses as well as additional texts and materials f.ex. theoretical texts, essay, interviews, personal statements, facts and photographs and is structured  around the themes of Bodies & Reflections, Creative Tools: Music, Dance & Improvisation, and (F)acts: Touring, Producing & Performing.

The included DVD contains a video documentation of the artistic processes of both choreographers over the rehearsal period, the mutual experience of living and working together and the entire stage performance, providing this book as a tool in itself for further projects of documenting, reflecting and intertwining theories and practices.