Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Valencia / Spain

Conservatory of Higher Dance Studies of Valencia

The first Spanish conservatory of dance in Spain was inaugurated in 1830. The laws changed over the years but the enthusiasm in dance education grew steadily and stronger as time went by. At the turn of this century, five Conservatories of Higher Dance Studies were created throughout Spain. The CSDV is one of these elite centres which complies with the new European Studies of Bolonia. We belong to the ISEACV (Institute of Higher Artistic Studies of the Province of Valencia). We already have a staff of twenty eight experienced teachers, offering excellent training in Spanish, Classical and Contemporary Dance, as well as the related theoretical subjects.  Our students obtain a Degree in Dance having the option of specializing in Pedagogy or Choreography and Performance. After 4 years of training they are prepared to start a career meeting the demands of the modern day market, be it in dance education, choreography or as performers. In the near future our conservatory will be offering Postgraduate Courses, which will include a Masters Degree in Dance.