Georg Reischl (choreographer) on his rehearsal process

“In the beginning of the process I will try to get to know the dancers. I will guide them through physical exercises that will allow them to practice coordination, focus, partnering, tempo, skill and I will give them the opportunity to let them show who they are as people and artists. Also it will give them the time to get to know each other and find a platform to communicate and work with each other in an open and relaxed way. Out of this loose rehearsal mode, I will create the main combination, which will be the basis for the piece. The main combination, with its physical rules and laws, will contain all the physical information of the piece. Daily repetition and limitations but also constant challenge and selfstudy will be required in rehearsal to find the freedom needed later on stage. As a choreographer I will make sure to guide the dancers through a creative process to result in a piece that is related directly to them. It is important to me to be engaged in a process in the studio day by day so I can find the movement language and structure for the piece.”

Georg Reischl