University of Music and Dance Cologne/ Germany

University of Music and Dance Cologne / Centre for Contemporary Dance (CCD)

The University of Music and Dance Cologne (UMDC) is one of the leading institutions in art education worldwide. Spread over three cities – Cologne, Wuppertal and Aachen – it is one of the biggest universities for music an dance in Europe. The UMDC educates dance and musicstudents from more then 50 nations and dedicates itself to offer a highly qualified education and a high standard on professionalisation.
The Centre of Contemporary Dance (CCD) at the UMDC understands dance as a physical, artistic and intellectual endeavor. We  offer a challenging contemporary dance formation which is designed for highly motivated, creative an curious and independent students. The program focuses on working methods that are pertinent for the current dance field. More so the CCD is a centre for dance research. In cooperation with international institutions and partners, we seek to broaden the understanding of body knowledge, movement and performance in interdisciplinary contexts.
For more information visit www.zzt.hfmt-koeln.de