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orkest de ereprijs / Netherlands

orkest de ereprijs is a 15-member orchestra (wind instruments, percussion, piano, electric and bass guitar). Its tone colour and cast of musicians transforms itself easily to different compositions, often surprising the audience.


orkest de ereprijs specializes in performing new music with compositions that are almost always written especially for the orchestra; Dutch of course but also of all kind of nationalities, age and experience.


The orchestra also maintains strong contacts with a number of foreign composers, which have resulted in numerous tours, participation in international festivals of new music and a broad repertoire. This repertoire includes over 700 commissioned works for orkest de ereprijs. The ensemble has continually explored new and innovative elements in composed and improvised new music. The ensemble participates in projects combining music with various art disciplines including film, dance, theatre, visual arts and architecture.


orkest de ereprijs is one of the  about 9 ensembles in the Netherlands who are being funded by the Dutch Government for 4 year periods. It exists since 1979 and is being funded by the national, regional and local authorities. It is not only the ensembles specialised in contemporary music but all kinds of ensembles: barock, classical chamber, string4tet, sax4tet and so on. It’s kind of a base for a very diverse musical life.