Project management

The project has been coordinated by a steering committee that took decision on artistic and technical issues. This committee was composed of a project manager, a financial director and one representatives of each of the co-organisers and the associated partner. Six meetings were held during the project, which ran from May 2011 to December 1012, in which the foundation decisions were made, regardin both artistic and administrative matters.

To be able to maintain a good communication between the members of the committee and to insure that whatever problem arose were solved in as  short time as possible, several video conferences were implemented throughout the process. Staff meeting participation was enlarged to include all the artistic coordinators (choreographers, composers and coaches) each time their contribution was deemed  crucial for the successful implementation of the next steps of the project.

1st Kick off meeting: Valencia (ES), June 2011. In this meeting, the steering committee was established and the organization for the rest of the activities were coordinated and scheduled.

2nd staff meeting: Arnhem (NL), September 2011. A reduced steering committee met the artistic team:  2 choreographers, 2 composers and the 2 music coordinators. The purpose of this meeting was to transmit decisions made in the first months of the project to the artists, to give them information about the aim of the project itself, to get their professional feedback regarding schedules and budget matters and to make a consensus decision about the composition of the instrument for the music ensemble.

3rd staff meeting: Cologne (GER), March 1st through March  5th , 2012. Before the start of the rehearsal period a 3rd enlarged meeting with 13 members was held to coordinate artistic and logistic matters ensuring that accommodation, catering and rehearsal timetables for the participants were organized on each location. A reduced staff meeting then finalized all details regarding f.ex. travel, accommodations, rehearsals and communication in regard to the rehearsal period in its entirety.

4th staff meeting: Valencia (ES), June 5th 2012. arrangement of last minute details, coordination of performances and tour.

5th staff meeting: Cologne (GER) June 16th 2012. The steering committee revisited all matters concerning the international tour such as organizing the ongoing of the tour to Germany and The Netherlands, starting to coordinate information and decisions on the next activities: The publishing of a book about the project  and the DVD documentation.

6th staff meeting: Arnhem (NL), June 27th 2012. The  steering committee discussed the final details on the book and DVD editing and gave some draft line for a final contract between the 3 co-organizers.