Communication plan

Internationally mixed – crossover 55/2 was continuously accompanied by a coordinated communication plan on local, national and international level. To coordinate activities a PR coordinator for the whole project (Inga Haschke (GER)) worked together with the PR coordinators of the partners involved (Heike Sauer (GER)/ Guillermo Arazo (ES)/ Vanessa Sloot (NL)/ Jessica de Jaeger (NL), Helen Basten (NL)/ Wendy Grutters (NL)).

A Corporate Identity was developed and used for all publications connected to the project both locally and internationally, a project website with all relevant information about the project has been established and linked with the websites of the partner institutions. Furthermore a Facebook page was elaborated. Throughout the entire project PR photo material, press releases, factsheets, video trailers, podcasts were gathered by the PR coordinator and shared with the local PR coordinators.  On the base of the CI posters, flyers and programs were designed in 2 languages and distributed in all three countries.

3 press conferences were held (Spain, Germany, The Netherlands) to communicate aims and artistic visions of the project. Local, national and international media partnerships were used (TV, Radio, Website, Press, Publication) to advertise and distribute the project contents.

and publications and articles were assembled in a press review. A book including a DVD was designed and provided to the participants and participating partners.