Following the main structure of the project, 3 production teams were established to support all the activities and duties of the project. Each partner was in charge of organizing the different tasks planned and to put into action.

The local production teams were in charge to prepare meetings supporting the choreographic and musical creation process and final rejhearsals, to take care of all the necessities linked to the tour making sure that they meet alls needs of the performance crew in order to keep the high standard of the project. Additionally the local teams were in charge of serving the necessities of the project when activities were happening in the respective country.

During the creation of the choreographies the local production teams in Arnhem and Cologne supported the artistic process and covered all the logistic matters that students, choreographers and rest of the staff needed.

The synergies and communication between the 3 production teams were a fundamental point for the success of the project on the production side.

May 2011, 1st staff meeting: coordinating project planning in regard to organizing future tasks in each production team.

September 2011, 2nd staff meeting: coordinating organizational matters, meeting of the artistic team, coordinating music matters before starting the music composition

April 2012, music recording process: 7 musicians recorded the music for the rehearsal of the two creations “ex nihilo” and “Pineapple” in Apeldoorn (NL)

April 30th – June 5th 2012:  coordinating the activities during the final rehearsals and taking preparations for the performances, facilitating and supporting the needs of the project.

June 5th – 29th 2012: coordinating the tour , serving the logistic needs of the whole crew, responding to artistic and administrative issues.