Final rehearsals

The final rehearsals in Valencia were dedicated to assembling all participants – dancers, musicians, composers, choreographers – and getting the pieces ready to go on stage. The artistic team negotiated on the relation between music and dance, sound and image, hearing and seeing. They were becoming aware of the acoustical and visual quality, limitations and possibilities of the ensemble on stage with regard to cues, tempo changes, audibility and visibility.

The première on June 5th 2012 in Valencia was the start of an intense tour in which the dancers guided by the rehearsals directors constantly had to adapt to new situations. Each theatre has its own characteristics and for that matter, each performance was prepared with an on-stage rehearsal together with the orchestra. The students needed to get familiar with the space and able to compose the piece in the new surroundings.

Two choreographic creations:

  • “Pineapple” by Ivan Perez
  • “Ex nihilo” by Georg Reischl

During the tour students really start to learn to rely on each other. All at unfamiliar ground for a severe period demands communication, collaboration and flexibility of mind. Body wise, it teaches the students to stay healthy, take care of themselves and their colleagues and deal with an intensive load.