Music and Dance

Part of the project was to strengthen the understanding about the specifics of composing for dance and working with a live orchestra during the performances. For this reasons the dancers and choreographer visit the orchestra at their “home” while rehearsing. The perception of how the live music differs from the up till then heard recording was an eye opener for the dancers. For a moment it was like they experienced the impact of music for the very first time.

By having both the composer and the choreographer present in the studio rehearsals, talking and explaining about their work and how it was developing, students obtain a second new perspective on the relation of dance and music.  It was as if they could hear the music suddenly through the eyes of the composer, who, at that moment, as well, had a life changing experience in how his composition was visualized. The excitement of this moment had a huge impact on the creative work in the studio, due to the fact that the students were taken by this moment in the process.