Music composition

Two young composers, Christiaan Richter and Benjamin Scheuer, contributed their creations to this artistic process. On an extended tour through three countries the dancers performed the new creations with orkest de ereprijs (NL).

During the first artists meeting in Arnhem (September 2011) an extended time was spent on finding the right formation/orchestration. Pulled out of their comfort zone, this led to discussions about the orchestration and individual wishes.

In the timeframe between the first and the second artists meeting, the composers started to develop their concept while maintaining a dialogue with their partner choreographer. In order to dicuss questions like: Is the composition leading or the dance? What are the tempi, and what is the duration of each section?

In the artists meeting before the première the orkest de ereprijs took part in the stage rehearsals and the pieces found their final form.

During the intense tour, each performance was prepared with an on-stage rehearsal together with the orchestra. During rehearsals the recording was used and therefore the students had to get back to their responsive hearing. As well as the different acoustic of each theatre has demanded from the technician to optimize as well the lighting design as the soundscape.

Two music compositions:

  • Christiaan Richter composition for “Ex nihilo”
  • Benjamin Scheuer composition for “Pineapple”

Music recording and live music during tour:

  • orkest de ereprijs under the conduction of Wim Boerman